Friday, August 6, 2010

Your Own Personal ClickBank Store-in a-Box...

What is it?

There are over 300 products and all it takes to customize the whole site for yourself is your Clickbank ID

What you'll receive:
  • All the source files for the web site: 65 pages of the top 300 Clickbank products and the option to add many more...
  • All the optimized graphics.
  • Complete step by step video instructions to have your site customized with your ClickBank id and uploaded to your server in 20 minutes.
  • The ability to add any other products and services you want.
Absolutely no PHP skills required!

Lets face it; if you were to put this together yourself it would take over 60 hours of solid work.

But, with "ClickBank Store in a Box", you can have it all
online in just 20 minutes!

All you need is a Clickbank ID and a web page editor. You can get both at no cost at all -- so there's no extra expense involved.

CLICK HERE to get your store NOW!

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