Thursday, March 19, 2009

My new users are loving this... and it's free for you too

My friend Bram Smith launched a new "set-it and forget-it" site
to a small group of his contacts who were already customers so
he could get some feedback.

Everybody is loving how easy it is to set this up and get extra
exposure for your web sites from the search engines.

The best part is.. it's FREE, but that doesn't stop you from
earning some extra $$$ with it.

You can create an account there after checking out his short
video about how "LeadGusher" works.

You should also know that I've built-in several ways for you
to earn.

1) Through a couple affiliate programs that are tied in.
2) From direct, paid referrals ($20 commission)
3) In my weekly bonus contests ($25 to $500 per week)

Set Aside a Few Minutes To Visit.

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