Thursday, March 12, 2009

Site Flipping - Why It's a Great Idea!

There are 2 roads you'll be able to take when setting out . You could either purchase an established site that has existing hits and is already bringing in money, or you purchase a fresh new site that is nothing more than a fancy template and cool domain name.

It all depends on your starting budget and skills. If you have got a couple of hundred dollars, you could buy a site that has content and some hits coming in already, then anticipate make improvements to the site to step-up the hits and the gross revenue, thus enhancing the site's total value for resale.

As an alternative, if you're strapped for hard cash, you can just purchase a site that is lower than $100 for instance, then use your own acquisitions and knowledge to boost the site's performance, thereby increasing its' resale value.

Purchasers will be searching for two things:

Does the site get targeted hits?
Does the site make any profit?

There are other facets which a buyer will be concerned about too, but these two are the important aspects they'll want responds to.

Essentially, if you can increase either the hits or the gross revenue (or both) from a site you have purchased, you can then expect to be able to resell the site for more than you anted up for it.

The whole idea of site flipping is about figuring your costs and quick flip-flop. If you get too connected to your "baby", you'll find it hard to sell...which, if it's making income for you in any event, then it's still a win-win situation, unlike real estate where the money is only made after the sale.

It's like residing in a property you're refurbishing to sell , and getting paid to do decorate the walls...

If you're looking to get started in site flipping the right way, and you want a fool proof way to start bringing in quick incomes without the "restoration" aspects, then you may want to check out Site Rush

It's a comprehensive guide to site flipping that's designed on 3 different levels, hinging on your revenue and accomplishments...

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